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Factors affecting the service life of transparent LED displays

2019-10-09 09:41:38

Factors affecting the service life of transparent LED displays

Like traditional LED screens, transparent screens also have a long life. In theory, the service life is 100,000 h, and many internal and external factors affect the life of the LED screen. According t



o previous statistics, the average lifetime of transparent LED screens on the market is approximately 50,000 hours. So what factors will reduce the life of the transparent LED screen. I hope this arti

cle is helpful to you!

Internal factors
Internal factors always include three aspects: peripheral components, LED lighting devices, and product fatigue resistance.

Peripheral component
Peripheral components include circuit boards, plastic housings, power supplies, cabinets, and more. Any problem with any part of these components can result in a shortened life of the transparent scre

en. Therefore, the life of a transparent LED screen depends on the critical part of its shortest life.
2. LED lighting device

LED lights are the most critical factor affecting the life of LED screens. For LED lamps, there are three aspects that affect them: attenuation characteristics, water vapor permeability and UV resista

nce. If these aspects are not up to standard, the life of the transparent LED screen will be greatly reduced.

3. Product fatigue resistance

The fatigue resistance of a transparent LED screen depends on the production process. The poor three-proof treatment process is difficult to guarantee the fatigue resistance of the module. When the temperature and humidity change, the protective surface of the board will rupture, resulting in a decrease in protection performance.External factor


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